Look glamour-ice day or night with this ice-cool set! There is a necklace, bracelet and earrings - all work together or by themselves and pair with a party outfit as well as T shirt and jeans! There is a detachable back dangle for the necklace for when your top has a low cut back.

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The finished article

Kit Required
  • Lobster Claw - Silver
  • Fish Hook Ear Wire
  • 3cm Headpins - Silver
  • 4mm Jump Ring - Platinum
  • Cable Chain - Platinum
  • 4mm Glass Pearl - Light Blue
  • Silver Lined Hole Seed Beads - Silver
  • Abacus Glass Beads - Light Blue
  • Clear Nylon Thread

Kit: £16.20

Step by step:

Gather supplies


Gather supplies as per shopping list You will also need: - glue (optional) - 2 pairs of pliers, at least one ring nose - wire snips - fine beading needle (optional - if you don’t have any of these, you can lightly coat the end of the thread in glue to stiffen it and stop it unravelling)

1 - Necklace - getting started


Cut chain to 50cm Attach jump ring and clasp to one end Cut thread to 120cm Tie firmly onto first link of chain next to jump ring, leaving a 10-15cm tail. Secure with a tiny dab of glue if desired

2 - Necklace - adding beads


String 2 seed beads, 1 pearl, 1 abacus bead/rondelle, 1 pearl and 2 seed beads on the long end of the thread

3 - Necklace - adding beads


Lay next to chain, take thread through link just above where last bead sits Bring needle and thread through the link just above the end of the beads and pull snug

4 - Necklace - continue adding beads


Repeat steps the previous two until you reach the end of the chain, or you have added 23 sections (the two should coincide!)

5 - Finishing necklace


For each of the thread tails: - Bring thread down through 2 seed beads and a pearl (taking care not to unthread it from the link you threaded it through) - Tie knot above the abacus bead/rondelle - Bring thread through abacus bead/rondelle - Tie knot below abacus bead/rondelle - Bring thread through 4 seed beads, 1 pearl, 1 abacus bead/rondelle and 1 pearl - Snip tail close to pearl Trim chain length if needed, and add a jump ring at the end.

6 - Bracelet


Cut chain length to 20 cm Cut thread to 50 cm Repeat the instructions for the necklace until you have added 9 sections to the chain. Finish off as per necklace

7 - Earrings


On each headpin put an abacus bead/ rondelle, a pearl and two seed beads.

8 - Finishing earrings


Make a loop at the end of each headpin and snip the excess wire off Attach the loop to the ear wire

9 - Detachable back dangles


Cut three lengths of chain - I went for 5cm, 8cm and 13 cm One one headpin put one abacus bead/rondelle, one pearl and two seed beads, make a loop in the head pin as you did for the earrings and attach to the end of the shortest length of chain. On two other headpins, add one pearl and two seed beads. Again, loop the ends and attach one each to the ends of the remaining two chains. Join all three lengths with a jump ring on the end without the dangles, then add a jump ring to that jumping to make it easier to add.

Using the back dangles


Simply clip the dangles onto the clasp for extra glamour when wearing a top with a low back.

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