Golden Sunshine Slave Chain Bracelet Kit

All the components you need to make 2 slave chain bracelets, perfect for summer!

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Golden Sunshine Slave Chain Bracelet Kit
Kit Required
  • Lobster Claw - Gold
  • Eyepins - Gold
  • Twist Chain - Golden
  • Golden Sunshine Fancy Strands

Kit: £6.46

Step by step:


**TIP** It is hard to gauge the size of these bracelets so it is best to use the intended recipients hand size or your own to make each one


Take the gold chain and make a loop around your middle finger, cut the chain to length and make a closed loop by joining the ends.


Thread your chosen beads on the head pins and attach together to make a small chain, attach the beads to your finger loop from step 2.


Cut a length of chain to fit around the wrist and add a lobster clasp to one end.


Attach the beaded finger loop (step 3) to the bracelet section (step 4) by using a single length of chain or 2 lengths in a V shape as shown in my images.


**TIP** to ensure your slave chain bracelet fits well and stays in place, fasten the bracelet part tightly around your wrist.

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