Hot Topics - the Autumn / Winter Palette according to Pantone

Pantone Examples

We have been looking to the Pantone Colour Institute's Fall 2015 colour forecast for inspiration. This year's fall pallet is sub-headed "An Evolving Colour Landscape" and weaves earthy, neutral tones with a range of bold colour statements, evoking images of stormy skies and brilliant sunsets.

The Colours

  • Dried Herb - An olive green shade usually reserved for safari- and military-inspired apparel
  • Desert Sage - A cool and soothing greenish grey
  • Stormy Weather - A powerful blue-grey, reminiscent of the sky on an overcast day
  • Oak Buff - A comforting and warming sunrise shade
  • Marsala - A sophisticated winey red-brown tone
  • Biscay Bay - A lush and elegant teal
  • Reflecting Pond - A cooling blue with a lot of depth
  • Cadmium Orange - inspired by 1960's & 70's fun and optimism, this orange shade is warm and subtly dramatic
  • Cashmere Rose - A tactile, soft pink hue
  • Amethyst Orchid - A vibrant and enigmatic shade of purple

These colours are all fantastically complimentary of each other, try combining cadmium orange with marsala and oak buff for a warming, earthy look or a combination of the blues and greys for a subtle, moody look, or be bold and mix colours from opposite ends of the spectrum such as Cashmere Rose with Dried Herb (it really works!) and you will find yourself creating unique and fashionable pieces.

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